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About FES – providing solutions to pumping

FES – Air-operated pumping specialists

FES was founded in 1985, supplying an extensive choice of high quality pumping equipment to handle a huge variety of fluids. At FES, we have always believed in customer service and our flexible approach to solving problems means that we will always try our best to provide a solution to some of the most difficult pumping applications. FES is a graco diaphragm pumps and graco piston pump distributor: Graco is one of the most respected manufacturers of pumping equipment in the world.

Air-operated equipment

FES concentrates on air-operated equipment and has accumulated considerable knowledge of air-operated applications in a wide range of industries. Besides pumps, FES supplies numerous, related products and can offer complete systems and packages.

New equipment, spares, technical support and after sales Care

FES only sells new graco pumps and spares, offers full technical support, and ater sales Care to ensure Customer complete satisfaction. FES is different from most pump distributors, it cares about customers.

FES also sees itself as different from most other pump distributors because of its unique position of supplying a complete range of air-operated pumping products. There are other air-operated specialists but these deal in Graco double diaphragm pumps only. FES’s range of equipment goes far beyond that, and we can supply pumps to handle fluids with the consistency of water to materials with the properties of highly viscous mastics and grease etc.

FES offers a huge range of pumps and pumping equipment from the air driven Graco Husky Diaphragm Pumps, both metallic and non-metallic constructions to cover the many demanding applications that general industry requires, also we offer the Graco 1-1 Fast-Flo drum pumps, sometimes called a barrel or stick pump. We offer transfer pumps with a ratio of 1:1 right up to the very high 82:1 ratio Premier piston pumps.

Graco Husky metal pneumatic pumps are ATEX rated diaphragm pumps and include the new Graco Husky 1050 Pump range. This range introduces two new diaphragm pump constructions namely the Graco Husky conductive polypropylene pump and the Graco Husky Hastelloy 1050 pump. Both these pumps are ATEX rated.

Similarly, many Graco air pumps are ATEX rated also, which means they can be used in hazardous environments.

Not forgetting the Triton 308 diaphragm pump, and the very special Graco Glutton Pumps too, along with the Mini-Fireball pump range,  the small brother of the well respected Fireball pump range, which are used for the transfer oil and grease. Our most popular pump is the 239888 pump for transferring grease, and the 204254 pump for transferring oil.

We offer all the main accessories to go with the many combinations of pumps, such as Fluid Pressure Regulators, Graco Agitators also known as mixers and Siphon Mixers.

Graco Inc, who manufacture these pumps in the United States, have been established for many years. Starting in the lubrication market, Graco Inc. has gone from strength to strength as the market leader in the lubrication industry with the Fireball pump range, used for both oil and grease transfer and now world leaders in the fluid handling markets: Pumping, Transfer, Coating and Finishing.

Together with the offshore Hydra clean high pressure washer units, the Graco product range and quality is second to none.

These Graco pumps are widely used in General industry, from Food, Chemical, Lubrication and the Motor industry. We at FES are proud to be their UK distributors and have been for over 32 years.

Let FES help you with your pumping applications to develop your products.

Graco, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells equipment that pumps, meters, and mixes, dispenses and sprays a wide variety of fluids and semi-solids. The company operates through three segments: Industrial, Contractor and Lubrication. The Industrial segment includes the Industrial Products and the Applied Fluid Technologies divisions.

The Industrial Products division markets its equipment and services to customers who manufacture, assemble, maintain, repair and refinish products such as appliances, vehicles, airplanes, electronics, cabinets and furniture, and other articles. The Applied Fluid Technologies division directs its engineering, sales and marketing efforts toward two broad types of applications: equipment to pump, meter, mix and dispense high performance protective coatings and polyurethane foam and equipment to pump, meter, mix and dispense sealants, adhesives, moulded polyurethane parts and composites.

The Contractor segment directs its product development, sales and marketing efforts toward three broad applications: paint, texture, and pavement maintenance. It markets airless paint and texture sprayers, accessories such as spray guns, hoses and filters and spare parts such as tips and seals to professional painters in the construction and maintenance industries, tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers.

The Lubrication segment focuses its engineering, marketing and sales efforts on two main lubrication applications: vehicle services and industrial. It supplies pumps, hose reels, meters, valves and accessories to the motor vehicle lubrication industry.

Graco was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Minneapolis,

The future

FES believes that it can always learn from its customers because every customer has its own individual idea of what it wants to achieve. It is only through the acquisition of knowledge and experience that FES can continue to provide solutions for the future.