Oil Pumping Units

Oil Pumping Units

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Fluids that are pumped include:-

  • Petrol (leaded and unleaded) and diesel fuels
  • Synthetic oil
  • Gearbox oil
  • Release agents (fat) – often sprayed

Graco lube pumps that are specifically designed for oil

Include Husky Double Diaphragm pump which are a 1-1 ratio pump, also the Fire-ball pumps which have ratio’s from 3-1 up to 10-1.


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About FES – Air-operated pumping specialists

FES was founded in 1985, supplying an extensive choice of high quality pumping equipment to handle a huge variety of fluids.

At FES, we have always believed in customer service and our flexible approach to solving problems means that we will always try our best to provide a solution to some of the most difficult pumping applications.

The Future

FES believes that it can always learn from its customers because every customer has its own individual idea of what it wants to achieve. It is only through the acquisition of knowledge and experience that FES can continue to provide solutions for the future.

Genuine Diaphragm Pumps, Spares and Accessories

We only provide guaranteed genuine manufactured parts and spares for all brands including both Aro and Wilden pumps.

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