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Drum Handling – Drum Covers

Mounting pumps and mixers

Beside protecting exposed products in open-top drums from problems such as evaporation or contamination, a drum cover is a useful tool for mounting pumps and mixers.

A slightly domed top produces a strong, rigid surface for supporting equipment and a variety of covers for different sized pumps and mixers are available. An assortment of gaskets dedicated to Grace’s range of pumps and mixers provides effective sealing. Covers can be supplied with easy-to-clean Polyethylene inspection and/or vent ports to suit most requirements.

Lifting drum covers

Lifting handles are available as extras but an air-operated elevator can be used (see El overleaf) where the total weight of a combination of drum cover, pump and/or mixer makes manual lifting difficult or unsafe.

Drum cover packages

Complete, ready to use packages consisting of drum cover, pump and/or mixer and air controls can be supplied.

Cover construction

Drum covers are constructed in Stainless Steel and are coated to prevent susceptibility to corrosion.