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Graco Mixers – Agitators for drums & pails

The main advantage of using a Graco air-operated mixer – Agitator

There are an infinite number of speeds for operation of the mixer. Control is achieved by simple adjustment of a needle air control valve.

Open-top drums

The Graco Back-geared Agitator is used for standard, 205 litre open-top drums. This mixer has 2 main features :-

  1. Full width blades – these specially designed blades provide thorough mixing of the drum contents right to the drum edge.
  2. A gentle rpm – the gearing between the rotating shaft and the air motor produces a smooth action and prevents aeration in the fluid.
    This mixer is suitable for fluids with a viscosity up to 3,000 centipoise.

Closed-top Drums

The Graco Twistork Helix Mixer is used for standard, 205 litre closed-top drums. It helps to protect the purity of the drum contents and to prevent evaporation during the mixing process.

The Twistork’s spiral shaped blade means that it can be threaded through a 2″ bung and yet still retain a very effective mixing action. The mixer lifts solids from the bottom of the drum, mixes and maintains suspension.

The mixer works well with fluids with a viscosity up to 10,000 centipoise.


Our small mixer with propeller-type blades is a very handy tool for mixing low viscosity fluids in 20 litre pails.

Mixer constructions

The Graco Back-geared Agitator and the Pail Mixer are constructed in Stainless Steel while the Twistork has Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel versions.