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Graco Piston Pumps

Light-medium duty Drum and Transfer Pumps

Types and sizes of drum pumps

Our Fast-Flo and Monark drum pumps can be in-line, directly immersed or wall-mounted.

Directly immersed, drum length pumps are designed to empty standard 205 litre drums. The pumps are easy to use and are suitable for both open-top and closed-top drums. A drum length pump can pass through the 2″ bung of a standard drum and is connected at the bung by an adaptor that is included with the pump.

Shorter length pumps called stubby pumps are usually in-line or wall-mounted. A suction hose assembly that can be supplied separately, is connected to the pump and extends down into the fluid that is to be pumped. Stubby pumps are suitable for many sizes of containers, including pails.

Pump Construction

Pumps are available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with packings to suit your pumping applications.

Flow Rates

Maximum flow rates are approximately 10-15 litres per minute depending on a pumping application.

Air-operated Pumps and Ratios

Air-operated pumps are often described by their ratio, e.g. FES can offer a 1-1 Ratio Fast-Flo pump and a 5-1 Ratio Monark pump.

The ratio refers to a relationship between the air pressure into the pump and the working pressure on the fluid at the discharge side of the pump. A 1:1 ratio pump has a fluid working pressure that is equal to the air pressure. A 5:1 ratio pump has a fluid working pressure that is 5 times the air pressure.

A pump that produces a higher fluid working pressure, e.g. 5-1, is used for more viscous fluids and for overcoming long pipe runs at the discharge side of the pump.

Generally speaking, higher ratio pumps have a lower flow rate than lower ratio pumps. However, this can sometimes be rectified by changing to a bigger pump, i.e. one with a more powerful air motor. Model numbers e.g 226941,226942,226945,237132,237134,224343,224350