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Calpeda CT 60/A Three-Phase Peripheral Pump 0.33kW

Model No: CT-61-A Product Type:
RRP: £186.00 +VAT
FES PRICE: £130.20 +VAT



Calpeda CT Pump: Compact Efficiency for Optimal Fluid Management

The Calpeda CT pump strikes a balance between compact design and robust functionality. Whether you require increased network pressure or efficient circulation in cooling systems, the CT pump delivers reliable performance in a variety of applications – it is a close-coupled peripheral pump designed for efficiency and versatility.

This compact and patented pump boasts a single-piece motor casing and pump-side wall, offering a robust construction that sets it apart in the realm of fluid handling.

Innovative Construction: The CT pump features a regenerative design with a turbine impeller, providing optimal performance. Its patented single-piece motor casing and pump-side wall not only enhance durability but also contribute to a compact form factor. The construction is meticulously designed to prevent water from entering the motor, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging conditions.

Material Options for Varied Applications:The CT pump is available in two versions to cater to diverse needs:

CT: With a pump casing in cast iron. B-CT: Featuring a pump casing in bronze. Both versions are supplied fully painted, reflecting Calpeda’s commitment to quality aesthetics. Versatile Applications: Ideal for clean liquids without abrasives and suspended solids, the CT pump is a reliable solution for scenarios requiring increased network pressure. Its reduced dimensions make it exceptionally well-suited for mounting in cooling and air-conditioning machines and equipment, as well as circulation systems.

Operating Conditions:The CT pump is engineered to perform under various conditions:

Liquid temperature up to 60°C. Ambient temperature up to 40°C. Total suction lift capability up to 7 meters. Designed for continuous duty.

Efficient Motor Design: Equipped with a 2-pole induction motor operating at 60 Hz, the CT pump ensures efficient and reliable performance. The CT 61 model supports three-phase power options (220/380 V, 220/440 V), while the CTM 61 model caters to single-phase power (110 V, 127 V, 220 V) with thermal protection at 220V. The motor features an insulation class F, IP 54 protection, and is constructed in accordance with EN standards, ensuring adherence to industry benchmarks.

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