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Calpeda METAtank Booster Pump 1.35kW 360l Tank w/ VSD

Model No: META-TANK Product Type:
RRP: £2,200.00 +VAT
FES PRICE: £1,540.00 +VAT



Calpeda Meta: Smart and Efficient Self-Priming Booster Set for Versatile Water Supply

Calpeda Meta series stands at the forefront of smart and efficient water boosting solutions. With a focus on user convenience, energy efficiency, and comprehensive monitoring, the Meta series is a reliable choice for those seeking a seamless and intelligent water supply system.

The Calpeda Meta redefines water boosting with its smart, plug-and-play design, making it an ideal solution for various applications, from domestic use to garden irrigation. With a robust construction and innovative features, the Meta series ensures reliable water supply while prioritising user convenience and energy efficiency.

Smart Construction for Easy Installation: The Meta series is a self-priming booster set equipped with a built-in frequency converter, making it a plug-and-play solution. The pump features an integrated pressure transducer, a check valve, and a built-in pressure vessel. This smart construction simplifies installation and ensures efficient operation.

Advanced Control for Constant Pressure:A standout feature of the Meta series is its ability to maintain constant pressure, thanks to the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) that controls the start and stop of the pump. This ensures a steady flow of water, adapting to varying demand seamlessly.

Efficient and Silent Operation:Designed with a fanless configuration, the Meta series prioritizes silent operation. The high-efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor further contributes to the pump’s overall energy efficiency while providing a reliable water supply.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Protections:The Meta series incorporates advanced monitoring and protection mechanisms, including dry-run protection, air presence detection in the pump casing, overload control, motor overheating control, pump blockage detection, power supply control, starts-per-hour control, and the ability to detect small leakages in the system. These features safeguard the system and ensure long-term durability.

Versatile Applications: Tailored for a range of applications, the Meta series is well-suited for water supply in domestic settings, garden use, and irrigation. Its adaptability and intelligent features make it a reliable choice for diverse water boosting needs.

Operating Conditions: The Meta series operates seamlessly in liquid temperatures ranging from 0 °C to +35 °C, with an ambient temperature tolerance up to +40 °C. The maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing is 8 bar, making it suitable for continuous duty in various scenarios.

Motor Efficiency and Safety: The 2-pole induction motor of the Meta series operates at a nominal speed of 4500 rpm and features variable speed control. With a single-phase 220-240V/60Hz configuration and thermal protector, the motor prioritises efficiency and safety. The construction adheres to relevant EN standards, ensuring compliance with industry benchmarks.

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