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Calpeda MXHL 406/A Three-Phase Multi-Stage Pump 1.5kW

Model No: MXHL-406-A Product Type:
RRP: £1,140.00 +VAT
FES PRICE: £798.00 +VAT



Calpeda MXH: Robust and Compact Horizontal Multi-Stage Pump

The Calpeda MXH pump range delivers a reliable and efficient solution for water supply across diverse applications. With its stainless steel construction, compact design, and adaptability, the MXH pump exemplifies Calpeda’s commitment to excellence in fluid management.

The Calpeda MXH range is horizontal multi-stage close-coupled pump, renowned for its robust construction. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, the MXH pump is well-suited for various applications, making it a versatile choice for water supply needs in different settings.

Key Features

Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from chrome-nickel stainless steel, the MXH pump boasts a durable and robust design. The single-piece lantern bracket and base contribute to its compact construction, eliminating protruding flanges for a sleek and efficient profile.

Versatility in Liquid Handling: Designed for pumping non-abrasive clean liquids that are non-aggressive, the MXH pump is adaptable for various scenarios. With suitable seal materials available on request, it ensures compatibility with a range of applications.

Wide Range of Applications: The MXH pump finds its utility across diverse sectors. Whether for domestic use, civil and industrial applications, or garden use and irrigation, its universal design caters to a broad spectrum of water supply needs.

Construction Excellence: The MXH pump features a single-piece barrel casing with a front suction port above the pump’s axis and radial delivery at the top. This construction facilitates efficient fluid movement, and the filling and draining plugs located at the middle of the pump enhance accessibility from any side, similar to the terminal box.

Operating Conditions: Engineered to perform under varied conditions, the MXH pump handles liquid temperatures ranging from -15 °C to +110 °C. The ambient temperature tolerance extends up to 40 °C, ensuring reliable performance in different environments. The maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing is 8 bar, supporting continuous duty operation.

Efficient Motor Design: The MXH pump is equipped with a 2-pole induction motor operating at 50 Hz. MXH models support three-phase power options (230/400 V up to 3 kW; 400/690 V from 3.7 to 4 kW), while MXHM models cater to single-phase power (230 V) with a thermal protector. The motor features insulation class F and protection IP 54, adhering to industry standards for safety and efficiency.

Tailored Solutions on Request: Calpeda offers tailored solutions to meet specific requirements. Special features such as different voltages, 60 Hz frequency compatibility, IP 55 protection, special mechanical seals, pump casing seal rings in FPM, and adaptability to higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures are available upon request.

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