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Calpeda MXV
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Calpeda MXVM 25-310 O Single-Phase Multi-Stage Pump 1.5kW

Model No: MXVM-25-310-O Product Type:
RRP: £1,531.00 +VAT
FES PRICE: £1,071.70 +VAT



Calpeda MXV: Vertical Multi-Stage In-Line Pumps for Efficient Fluid Handling

The Calpeda MXV series represents excellence in vertical multi-stage in-line pumps, combining durability, versatility, and efficiency. Whether for water supply systems or a myriad of industrial applications, the MXV pump stands as a reliable choice in fluid handling technology.

With a robust construction, versatile applications, and advanced features, the MXV pumps are engineered to meet the demands of water supply systems across various sectors, offering a sophisticated solution for fluid management.

Key Features:

Vertical Multi-Stage Design: The MXV pumps feature a vertical multi-stage design, with suction and delivery connections of the same diameter arranged along the same axis (in-line). This configuration enhances efficiency in fluid movement, making it a reliable choice for water supply systems.

Corrosion-Resistant Components: Built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, the MXV pumps incorporate corrosion-resistant bearing sleeves lubricated by the pumped liquid. This ensures durability and reliability in the face of challenging fluid compositions.

Mechanical Seal Accessibility: An innovative feature of the MXV series is the ability to remove the mechanical seal without dismantling the motor. This facilitates easier maintenance and reduces downtime, especially for MXV 25-32-40-50,100 models with motors exceeding 4 KW.

Universal Applicability: The MXV pump is designed as a universal solution for civil and industrial applications. Its versatility extends to pressure-boosting systems, fire-extinguishing systems, high-pressure washing plants, irrigation, agricultural uses, and sport installations.

Operating Conditions: The MXV pump demonstrates exceptional performance under varying conditions. It accommodates liquid temperatures ranging from -15 °C to +110 °C, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. The operating environment temperature can reach up to 40 °C, ensuring adaptability in diverse settings. The maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing is an impressive 25 bar (16 bar for pumps with oval flanges), emphasizing its robust construction.

Efficient Motor Design: The MXV pump is equipped with a standard-type 2-pole induction motor operating at 60 Hz. It supports operation with a frequency converter, enhancing adaptability to specific system requirements. The motor adheres to IE3 efficiency classification for three-phase motors and follows the IM V1 construction standard. With insulation class F and protection IP 55, the motor ensures reliable and safe operation. Three-phase models are available with rated voltages of 220/380 V, 220/440 V (up to 3 kW), and 380/660 V (from 4 to 45 kW).

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