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Calpeda NM 65/25C/A Three-Phase Centrifugal Pump 22.0kW

Model No: NM-65-25C-A Product Type:
RRP: £5,404.00 +VAT
FES PRICE: £3,782.80 +VAT



Calpeda NM Series Pumps: Precision and Reliability for Every Application

Discover the Calpeda NM Series pumps — a practical and reliable solution designed to meet diverse fluid handling needs with efficiency and precision. With a rich history of over 50 years, Calpeda has refined the NM Series to be a straightforward yet high-performing choice for a wide range of applications.

Versatile Configurations: The NM Series offers flexibility with both single-impeller (NM) and twin-impeller (NMD) configurations. Threaded ports, following ISO 228/1 (BS 2779) standards, simplify integration into different systems. The choice between cast iron and bronze for hydraulic parts allows adaptability to various fluids.

Robust Design for Endurance: Built for longevity, the NM Series boasts a robust design for hydraulic components, ensuring resilience against mechanical stress. This design philosophy translates into dependable performance across practical applications.

Applications Across Industries: From water supply and HVAC systems to industrial processes and firefighting, the NM Series handles a range of clean liquids with up to 0.2% solids content. Its reliability makes it suitable for diverse operational environments.

Adaptable to Operating Conditions: Operating seamlessly in temperatures from -10 °C to +90 °C, the NM Series demonstrates versatility. With a total suction lift of up to 7 meters and a maximum permissible working pressure of 10 bar (16 bar for specific models), these pumps are well-suited for continuous duty.

Efficient Motor Design: Equipped with a 2-pole induction motor operating at 50 Hz, the NM Series ensures reliable power delivery. The motors, featuring insulation class F and protection IP 54, accommodate various voltage requirements, ranging from three-phase 230/400 V to single-phase 230 V.

Quality Assurance and Compliance: The NM Series upholds Calpeda’s commitment to quality. Rigorous production testing aligns these pumps with relevant EN standards and European Regulation no. 547/2012, ensuring compliance with industry benchmarks. Choose the Calpeda NM Series for a straightforward and reliable pumping solution. With practical features and a commitment to precision, these pumps provide efficiency across diverse applications.

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